A few weeks ago, we had the most beautiful photoshoot for the stunning work of our new ceramic artist, Nathalee Paolinelli, inspired by Dutch flower paintings of the 17th and 18th centuries. We worked with the incredibly talented Michelle Pelletier of Love Me Not Floral and are simply obsessed with the results. We are big believers that flowers are always a good idea, and the shoot got us thinking about how impactful flora - flowers, plants, and branches - can be to an interior space.

 When a room needs a style refresh a lush floral bouquet or a few sculptural branches can really pack an aesthetic punch. A bonus is the opportunity flora provides to get creative - we love to play around with varietal and color groupings, different sized and shaped vessels, and especially height and width to create dynamic arrangements. Plus, the moment you start getting inspired for your next arrangement, your current one is most likely ready to go as well. Relatively inexpensive - we love Sally Krawcheck and Ellevest's philosophy on this - floral designs are not only a feast for the eyes and nose, they simply illicit joy, and we are certainly here for that. Scroll below to check out some of our favorite interior floral moments and shop our vessel collection at the bottom of the page. 


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Face II, Jar (2020)

by Han-Chiao

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Coral Vessel

by Nathalee Paolinelli

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Lovely Lou

by Keavy Murphree

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Bulb Vase

by Kirsten Perry

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Cylinder Vase

by Nathalee Paolinelli

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Coral Bowl No. 1

by Eileen Braun

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Untitled, Figure Series

by Han-Chiao

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Flute Vase

by Nathalee Paolinelli

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