LES Collection is a curation of captivating, unexpected art and decor for the home. Heirloom-worthy objects thoughtfully created with passion. We are here to help you explore your style and connect with your creativity.

We see home as a sanctuary that celebrates your individuality and cultivates a sense of authenticity. We want you to design intentionally and discover objects that delight and trigger a deep emotional response. LES Collection is here to help you create a stylish home that reflects the extraordinary person you are.

We believe that personal style is in the details, the final touches of the home. We encourage you to mix and match, to reimagine, to tinker, and to play. To take creative risks and challenge conventional boundaries around what art and home decor “should” look like.
Whether you’re exploring your first pieces or adding to a vast collection, we honor your journey to style your home with fresh, unpredictable pairings that infuse life with beauty.


When the 2020 pandemic struck, I found myself eight months pregnant with my second child and gripped with anxiety. Burdened with the weight of uncertainty, I sought solace in creation and began to paint. 

As I embarked on a painting series for my son's nursery, I documented the creative process on social media. To my surprise, it quickly gained traction, and  I found myself enveloped in the warmth of creative friendship, a community that sprouted joy amidst the shadows.

What began as a remedy for anxiety blossomed into an unforeseen romance with artistic expression.  Being surrounded by this new community, I found boundless energy in discovering and sharing the stories of artists who inspired me. From this wellspring of inspiration, the vision for LES Collection emerged— to create a sanctuary for the creatives I admire and amplify their eclectic voices. I delight in delving into our artists' backgrounds, inspirations, and processes and discovering what makes their work truly unique. This philosophy is woven into the fabric of my creative approach.

For me, collecting transcends a mere acquisition of objects; it is a celebration of community. LES Collection, born from this sacred ethos, stands as a testament to the belief that art is not a solitary endeavor but a shared expedition into the realms of imagination.

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