With more than 15 years of experience working as a fashion editor under her (Jacquemus) belt, LES Collection artist Kerry Pieri is no stranger to an edit. Even her body of work as a fine artist is a tight collection of pulsing neutral abstracts and skillful line drawings, and her eye is just as discerning when it comes to her home and the objets d'art she fills it with. Lately, our society's increasing dependency on screens has motivated a shift toward a more holistic lifestyle for Kerry and her family. "We live in an increasingly digital world and spend more and more of our days on screens. So much of art is being digitized, which for me creates a desire for the natural and imperfect in my surroundings."




photography by Katie Addo


A pandemic-inspired move back to her and her husband's hometown of Buffalo, New York, has been grounding for the pair and their young daughter, Lila. The move also presented the opportunity to make their new house a home - a task Kerry has assumed readily and with focus. She's prioritized filling the home with organic elements to maintain a connection with the outside world: "The human form, wabi sabi shapes, floral motifs, and natural stone help put me back in vibration with nature in my home‚ÄĒespecially as we enter the colder months when we spend so much more time inside."

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Trophy Vase

by Kristin Yezza

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The Flow Wall Sconces

by Evamarie Pappas

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by Lauren Skunta

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Bend Torso

by Dorri Buchholtz

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Apollo Lamp 9

by Gianfranco Brice√Īo

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Pedestal XXI

by Zeynep Boyan

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 Paper Fan Napkin Ring Set

by Janie Kruse Garnett

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Large Pleated Bowl

by Kirsten Perry

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Ribbon Vase

by Nathalee Paolinelli

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810 Tray in Travertine

by Anastasio Home

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