"It is with excitement and gratitude that I sit down to write the introduction for Volume III.

Lauren Sands


The ability to publish a printed journal full of beautiful imagery and compelling stories is one of the greatest privileges of my job as CEO of LES Collection. At its heart, The Volume is a place to honor the stories of artists and creatives and to explore the sources of drive and inspiration that lead to incredible art and design. 



V O L U M E   I I I

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I am particularly interested in how artists and designers live, and how they design for themselves - building sanctuaries that provide inspiration to foster their artistic practice. For Volume III, we had the privilege of photographing a number of  remarkable spaces, designed by artists for their families. Often devised as live/work spaces, these homes are imbued with creativity and passion. 


From L to R: Doris Josovitz's Home, Kerry Pieri's Home, Tina Scepanovic's Home


In this Volume, we take you into the homes of Tina Scepanovic, Doris Josovitz, and Kerry Pieri. Each woman has created a home that doubles as a studio for their respective mediums. Embracing their lives as artists, mothers, and wives, each has designed a deeply personal space for their families that allows them to balance these multiple roles.


 Chelsea Anne & Evan Sahlman's Home


For our editorial spread, we had the privilege to shoot with Chelsea Anne Sahlman, who works out of a live/work space she and her husband designed in Southern Florida. They transformed an industrial storage unit into a studio loft with old-world charm. The loft is filled with delightful details like plaster walls, sky-high bookshelves brimming with art books, and antiques foraged from the couple's travels around the world. Once inside the space, you’re instantly transported to another time or place, perhaps a small villa in the French countryside. The setting is the perfect backdrop for Chelsea's romantic style of photography and doubles as a ceramic and painting studio for Evan. We brought in new works from our artists, Eva Marie Pappas and Zeynep Boyan. Chelsea perfectly captured Pappas's organic ceramics and Boyan's modern forms among all the treasures of the Sahlman loft.


From L to R: Lotta Lane by Nick Hudson, Photography by Kelley Shaffer


We also had the opportunity to capture a passion project designed by Madelynn Hudson, along with help from her husband, Nick Hudson. During the pandemic, the couple purchased an old house outside of Hudson, NY, requiring a tremendous amount of tender loving care. Often doing the work themselves, the Hudsons created an oasis from the city, which they initially planned to rent as an Airbnb. However, plans changed, as they do, and the newlyweds were able to sell the Hudson house, securing funding for their next passion project.



From L to R: Lauren Skunta by Kelley Shaffer, Zeynep Boyan's PEDESTAL series, Whitney Sharpe's ceramics


Finally, as with our previous Volumes, we introduce you to new artists that have joined the LES family because, at our core, we love to tell the stories of creatives that inspire us. Thank you for continuing to follow along on our journey, whether by reading our Volume, supporting our artists and designers, or engaging with our digital content; all of you continue to make LES possible.






 Photography by Max Burkhalter, Chelsea Anne Sahlman, Nick Hudson, Kelley Shaffer, Zeynep Boyan, Hannah Thornhill, and Katie Addo



Agree To Disagree

by Tina Scepanovic

80" x 48" x 3.5"

Vintage amber glass, MDF, Aluminum standoffs