I have always had a deep appreciation for functional art. My goal is to surround myself with as many beautiful objects as possible, so of course, I want my lighting to reflect that goal. So many talented artists out there create functional art, and often, that takes the form of lighting. This lighting edit is for the art lover, the collector who wants each piece in their home to speak to their heart, the person who is constantly looking for beauty in the mundane. So, if you are looking for an organic undulating floor lamp, a rattan chandelier with arms reaching for the light, or a vintage set of floor lamps chiseled out of raw alabaster, this is the list for you.

For your table:


Schazenbach Lamp


Tonello & Montagna Grillo

Sunshine Thacker Design


Katie Stout

Jeroen De Ruddere


Raphael Navot Lampscape/Vale

Dusty Deco DD Paper Lamp


Bennet Schleninger

Analuisa Corrigan “It’s My Show Here”


Analuisa Corrigan Figure One Lamp
Le Studio Anthost Poppy Lamp Shade

Ceramicah Raku Lamps


Alicja Strzyzynska “Longing” Lamp

Audrey Table Lamp


 For your floor:

Chris Wolston Cloud Lamp

Rogan Gregory “Fertility Form” Floor Lamp


Eny Lee Parker Twist Column Light

François Salem Toro Lamp


Giacomo Ravagli Barometro Floor Lamp

Soniah Floor Lamp


For your ceiling:

Chris Wolston Hand Chandelier

Eric Roinestad HL16



Crosland and Emmons Amphibious pendant

Mirei Monticelli Nebula



For your wall: 

Jonathan Hansen Biomorphic Sconce

Eny Lee Parker Coil Sconce





Pelle Dark Moon Sconce

Simone Bodmer Turner x Athena Calderone Vence Sconce




French Art Deco Iron Lamp

Vintage Brass Lamp



Alabaster lamps

Yasha Keifetza Copper and wood sculptural lamp



Vintage wooden table lamp