Join us as we delve into the mind and mastery of Steph Viesta, the founder of multi-disciplinary design firm, Studio Seva. Studio Seva is known for its holistic approach to residential design, aiming to appease the architectural cohesion of a space as well as creating the clients dream home.  Based in Westport, CT, Viesta's projects span from New York City to Los Angeles. Viesta's projects stand out due to her intricate involvement with her architectural, design, and building collaborators, ensuring each space is perfect. By carefully curating each space with her classic use of an earthy palette to create neutral interiors in her projects, her clients go to her with a vision they know she will achieve. A self-proclaimed minimalist, her attention to detail creates a clutter-free space that is the epitome of relaxation.  Through Steph's entire design process, she finishes every property by sourcing meaningful pieces that accent the home individually and perfectly. Read on as we chat with Steph about her methods, challenges, and how she has become one of the most sought after multidisciplinary designers.


1. Tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to the world of design?

Since I was young, I have weirdly always known this was the only path for me. My father was a builder so I loved tagging along with him to job sites as a child. I think my love affair with design started then and hasn’t slowed down since. I studied at FIT in NYC and after working several years under a prominent design firm, I founded my own firm Studio Seva in the summer of 2017. I’m obsessed with what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world.


2. What goes into the ideal composition? How do you think about color, scale, and dimension?

It’s all so important. 

Our clients come to us for our neutral interiors so we generally work with an earthy color palette, and play with the value of a color for contrast. Incorporating either black or a blackened bronze finish as an accent in every room is a must for me, no matter how light the overall palette is in the room.

A lot of the dimension we achieve in our homes is done through texture. Whether that’s a washed linen, plush mohair, or tumbled limestone, the combination is what makes a space so interesting to me. 

Scale is a funny thing because while it’s imperative that our furniture is appropriately sized for a room, sometimes I find “undersized” art and decorative lighting to feel best. I think it’s all about knowing where and when the right scale of something should be.



Marilyn Glass Set


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Swirl Moon

Tania Whalen

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Isolated n. 24

Canoa Lab

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3. What are some of the biggest challenges you find in your design projects?

 Biggest challenge would be working with a client’s pre-existing builder or general contractor on a project where their interests may not be aligned with the homeowner. We have been a part of a couple of projects in the past where the rush to get the project completed sacrifices the quality of the work being done. 

4. Do you consider yourself more of a maximalist or minimalist? How do you strike that balance?

I’m a minimalist at heart. I don’t like a lot of stuff and always find myself editing and taking away — especially in my own home. I’ve always preferred one or two amazing pieces to give a space meaning because most times that’s really all you need anyway.




5. Do you have a last step in “finishing” a project you are working on?

The month prior to our clients reveal, we start sourcing and gathering the hundreds of small but very meaningful objects and accessories to bring in on installation, which to me often create the biggest impact in the overall design. We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and their needs over the course of the project, so it’s important for us to deliver a home that feels ready to be lived in and enjoyed the moment they walk through the door. Not only are all the cabinets fully stocked with barware and the like, our homes are truly turnkey - when they walk in for the first time, the lighting throughout is dimmed to 50%, a good playlist is on and our favorite candles are burning. It’s all about the client experience for me.


6. Tell us a little bit about your personal style ? Do you have any specific philosophies that you look to?

I want the spaces I design to feel like they’ve been lived in. I think the best kind of design is when a space feels comfortable and inviting. I’m not afraid of a natural material that shows patina and age, in fact I personally pay more for this look. Like, I’m not sure why people are so afraid to use their countertops - just cook! Let the stone get even better with time.. this to me is more authentic and what I love most in a home.


Mosche Vessel

Talia Warshawsky

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7. What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

I get so much inspiration from my travels throughout Europe. From the marble and cobblestone streets, to the limestone cladded buildings, there’s so much history and design practices across the pond that have stood the test of time. It gives me so much perspective on the application of various materials which is so central to our approach for a timeless and elevated look.


8. What are some artists, contemporary or historical, you are drawn to and why?

I am a huge admirer of Jon Rollins’ work. Every time I get the opportunity to see him down at High Point Market, and experience his new collection, it takes my breath away. His art is larger than life and hearing his story behind each piece really gets me. 

Paul Meyer is another one of my favorite artists. His appreciation for working with natural materials aligns with our own design approach. I’ve always aspired to own one of his Burros and feel so fortunate to have a couple of his pieces in my own art collection.


9. What are you currently excited about? It could be a particular project, a pivot, a new artist, etc. 

We have a very special project we’ll be kicking off soon in the Berkshires. I’ve come to realize our design is only as good as the people you are working with and I’m really excited to collaborate with this new family. This is going to be an absolute labor of love for them and I'm honored to be a part of it.

T.E. Vessel

Whitney Sharpe

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Bronze Flower Plate

Beau Rush

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Arq 5

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Modern Relics No. 3

by Stacy Solodkin

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