Written by Kirby O'Connell, LES Collection Digital Manager

LES Collection's NYFW Street Style Round Up Photography by Phil Oh


At LES Collection we’re no strangers to a good style-out - give us a blank tablescape or an empty shelf and it’s objet roulette as we choreograph each piece into our perfect tableau vivant. Truthfully, few things elicit the same creative energy as reaching that design sweet spot of dynamic cohesiveness. The pandemic has made it easy to overlook, but we all have the same opportunity for creative flow each morning as we choose what to wear. Again (and again, and again, and again), while the current state of Covid affairs has certainly put a damper on “getting dressed”, don’t skip out! Creative expression is a privilege and a joy, and cultivating your own personal style is a true confidence builder.

In a pandemic-induced fashion rut too? Thankfully, with New York Fashion Week on and (almost) back to its pre-pandemic schedule, it's inspiration saturation with street style looks. I’ve always loved reading show reviews and clicking through show slideshows, but for me the real draw of fashion weeks is what’s happening outside of the shows - what’s on the runway is what’s new, what’s on the streets is what’s now and what's real. So vivid and alive, street style photography brings fashion to life and show attendees rarely disappoint with their playful, eccentric, and very chic looks. This NYFW is no different - the ladies understand the assignment.


Shots from the Fall 2022 show sidewalks are in, and we’re eyeing the layering, fresh silhouettes and longer hemlines, and of course the unexpected color combinations that burst out of the screen. The rise of the headscarf and balaclava have been personal favorites (especially considering their utility in this manic weather), and the baggier menswear looks are a chic and easy transition from your favorite pandemic sweatpants. Above all, a reminder that fashion should be FUN!


 photography by Phil Oh, Darrel Hunter, Imaxtree, Tyler Joe.