We are thrilled to share that LES Collection is a part of MOSAIC, a rare opportunity to see LES IRL. United by a passion for soulful and eclectic design, LES has joined forces with a group of New York based artists, designers, and design dealers to merge the vintage and contemporary design worlds through a NYCxdesign week event at Highline Nine in Chelsea. MOSAIC is a two-week exhibition spotlighting a collection of acclaimed 20th Century Design and contemporary woodwork, ceramics, painting, photography, and sculpture.

Fusing the experience of a gallery exhibition with a retail pop-up, MOSAIC will feature debut collections and works from LES Collection, as well as Past Lives Studio, Piscina, Casa Patina, Studio Nordic, and Luke Malaney. Learn more about our partners below. 




Past Lives Studio


Past lives studio is a Brooklyn-based design studio offering interior design services and a collection of 20th century furniture and home decor. The studio seeks out eclectic and unordinary pieces when sourcing for the shop’s inventory.

Through the use of custom finishes and the finest attention to craft material, they add their own pizzazz to timeless modern designs, resulting in one of a kind pieces that add whimsy to your home. 




Founded by Cuban-American artist Natalie Shook, Piscina’s design studio is driven to turn everyday objects into sculptural centerpieces. A graduate of The Cooper Union, Shook was influenced by the histories of art and architecture alike. The collective, adjacent to Piscina’s studio, was created to pool designers from across disciplines with a common dedication to a high level of craft and innovation.

Within the Piscina ecosystem, independent designers have a home for their creative practice, a community of inspired individuals to work with, and a forum to exhibit work. 



Casa Patina


Ingrid Reid, a former Facebook executive, comes from a family of creatives who have chosen to build their lives around pursuing the arts. Her great-grandfather, who was an architect in Barcelona, enjoyed carving ornate gilded wood frames. When her family moved from Spain to Cuba in the early 1900's, they brought along many of his pieces which were later handed down to her mother, an interior decorator, and now reside in her family's homes.

Ingrid considers herself "a treasure hunter" and has spent many years collecting antiques & timeless vintage objects from around the world. She is constantly in pursuit of unique decor for her home & business.

"Collecting vintage, for me, has always been about celebrating those who came before us and keeping us connected to people who led inspiring lives, whether that be through the artists themselves or the collectors."



Studio Nordic


Studio Nordic, founded by Therés Lorén, is dedicated to vintage 20th century design from the Scandinavian countries. They offer a curated mix of unique pieces and design classics that reflect a passion for craftsmanship from an iconic era in design history. All products are carefully sourced in Scandinavia and consist of both beautiful and practical pieces that will give your home a modern and personal look.

"I come from a part of Sweden with a long history in textile manufacturing. Growing up I was constantly reminded of the importance of good design in our everyday life. After spending ten years in the fashion industry and living in Spain and England, I settled down with my family in New York where I decided to open Studio Nordic with the ambition to offer the best of mid century design from the Scandinavian countries."



Luke Malaney

 Luke Malaney is a Red Hook based wood-worker and artist whose craft mixes whimsical, free-form design with robust construction and old world joinery. Trained in classic wood-handling techniques by Roman old-timer Remo Capoli, his pieces walk a fine line between furniture and sculpture without ever sacrificing the most acute attention to detail.

Malaney's explorations blend the naturalistic with the dream-like while always honoring the importance of functionality and endurance.




Mosaic will be open from May 25th through June 6th

Hours are Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm, Sundays 12pm-6pm

Highline 9, Gallery 6

507 W 27th Street New York, NY 10001