LUNE 1860

Within the realm of creative entrepreneurship and imaginative journeys lies a place where the extraordinary flourishes, beauty transcends appreciation to become an embodiment of inspiration, and the essence of moments eternally captured. LUNE 1860 is a magical sanctuary where dreams come alive. 

At the helm of Lune 1860 is Lisa Mok, a Toronto-based creative director. Her renowned artistic sensibilities are rooted in an unwavering understanding of what captivates our senses, what beckons us to don and adorn, and what ignites our creative spirits. Lune, through its immersive experiences, visual narratives, and designs for home and life, redefines the art of living with fullness and beauty.


Iron Series

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Beginning No. 07

Richard Baronio

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Ever since I first saw one of their exquisitely crafted photographs, my fascination with Lune has flourished. Lisa Mok's creative direction possesses an uncanny ability to transport the viewer into a world brimming with warmth and profound connections, even through a photograph. The opportunity to visit Lune had long held the top spot on my wish list, and when it finally materialized, my excitement knew no bounds. When curating our new tabletop collection at LES, I understood that tabletop isn't just about the objects but the experiences they facilitate. The joy of gathering friends and family around a beautifully set table, the laughter shared over a delicious, seasonal menu, and the memories created during these moments. I knew Lune would be the perfect location to capture the essence of this curated collection. 

Isolated n. 24

Canoa Lab

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Ruth Glass Set


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Lengthy delays and stormy weather in NYC marked our journey to this enchanting place. We had planned to meet Lisa, her husband, and Lune's brand strategist for an early dinner, but our arrival was delayed by several hours. As we finally sat down for dinner at the late hour of 10, I was instantly enveloped by the same sense of connection and creativity I had initially felt through their photographs. The following day, witnessing Lune in the full light of day was nothing short of breathtaking. Immersing myself in the world, Lisa has meticulously crafted made me ponder my life choices (in the most delightful manner). Specifically, I found myself contemplating whether Victorian water features were the missing piece in my life. Needless to say, Lune exceeded every expectation I had and left me yearning for more.

¬†"I don't see creativity as an endless production of new things‚ÄĒbut as a way to reshape and reimagine the things and experiences we already have." - Lisa Mok

Inspiration Behind Lune 1860

Lune's story began when Lisa and her husband envisioned a place where people could unite, forging beautiful and fleeting moments of connection. Inspired by their travels and charming property in the pastoral Cotswolds in England, they saw the potential to create something beyond a home or cottage. They aimed to build a canvas where people could gather, design, and experience the magic of life without the need for justification or conformity.

Immersive Experience and Visual Storytelling

Lune's offerings revolve around immersive experiences and visual storytelling. Lisa emphasizes the power of collaboration, working with diverse creatives to learn, expand, and challenge the boundaries of creativity. Lune's initiatives, such as PIENA (a private dinner experience) and QUARTER MOON (a creative retreat), exemplify this commitment to inclusivity and unique storytelling that uplifts and inspires guests.

Golden Cocktail Pitcher

Dan Mirer

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Golden Snifter Set

Dan Mirer

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Redefining Life's Celebrations

Lune's mission goes beyond aesthetics; it focuses on redefining how we celebrate life's moments. Lisa's relentless passion for finding beauty in the every day drives her to reshape and reimagine existing experiences. The goal is to celebrate not just the new but also the familiar, infusing each moment with significance and delight.

The Enchantment of Lune 1860

Lune 1860, hidden two hours outside Toronto, is a place of enchantment, featured in esteemed publications such as Architectural Digest Italia and Modern Luxury. The villa, initially constructed for British aristocrats in the 1860s, has been meticulously redesigned to embody the moon's phases, offering a unique and captivating atmosphere.

Bronze Set

Beau Rush

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"Be Our Guest" Embroidered Napkin

Sarah Espouse

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Lune also offers a curated collection of objects, including handmade tablecloths, honey, maple syrup, and architectural wine glasses. Visitors are not just guests; they become part of Lune's world, where slow living, simple pleasures, and connection are celebrated.

Lune 1860 is more than just a physical space; it's a testament to the transformative power of creativity and connection. Lisa Mok's vision has evolved into a place where magic resides in every corner, waiting to create unforgettable moments for those who dare to step into its world.