I traveled many paths before founding LES Collection, never finding the right one. So many projects were started without completion or completed only to move on to something else. I was an anthropology major in college; I thought I wanted to be a winemaker; I did a brief stint in international public health; I graduated from law school; I spent a year surfing throughout the world. Instead of feeling embarrassed by a trail of abandoned paths, I embraced my journey. Once I had children, I understood my need to build something with thought and intention that provides community, connection, and value in this world. Throughout everything, one thing remained consistent, my love for art and collecting. My passion grew over a long time; it came naturally and with force. 

I have been collecting art for over a decade, and the most rewarding aspect is the relationships I forged with the artists. These relationships provide a deep sense of satisfaction and energy. LES Collection grew out of the desire to harness this energy. Before founding LES Collection, I spent some time developing my own artistic practice. I painted and honed my style and technique but felt something was missing. I yearned for collaboration, and my practice was not providing it. I longed for a link to other artists, to other collectors, to other artistic mediums. My world was too small, and I wanted to crack it open. 

Initially, I created an Instagram account to showcase my work. I  began to use the platform to highlight other artists, designers, and design periods. To my surprise, people loved my aesthetic and creative vision; the community started to expand quickly. LES Collection grew organically from my passion and desire to strengthen my relationship with the artists that I had collected for years and forge new relationships with artists I discovered along the way. I sought to curate an eclectic and cohesive collection of art and vintage and to provide a historical and design context around the work. I was determined not to just open another shop or gallery. I wanted to create a brand that provided a more meaningful and intentional relationship between artist and collector. 

LES Collection is a home for artists to grow their practice in ways that feel authentic while expanding their reach and developing long and significant connections with their collectors. This platform is meant to embolden collectors to acquire works that feel deeply compelling and personal. This Journal was created to introduce you to the LES Collection and our community of artists. I hope that reading this brings inspiration, joy, and above all, a sense of connection. Enjoy!

All images shot by Lacie Hansen