How would you describe your artistic style in a few words?

I create sculptures intuitively, without sketches or expectations, while putting a lot of emotions and love into them. Working intuitively gives me a lot of freedom in my creativity and does not pin me down in any way. I channel a powerful stream of love (energy) through myself, and my hands find the right forms themselves. I would call it Flow Art - biomorphic forms that reflect the beauty of our world, the versatility of nature, the elegance of the lines of the female body. It is difficult for me to classify my work as one style or describe it in one word.



Who is Aleksandra?

I am 37 years old and a person of the world. I try not to tie myself to one place, but most of the time I live in Ukraine in the beautiful city of Odessa. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for many years, and I am always open to new things. I love my family very much and just adore my daughter. I am crazy about the ocean.


You studied to become an architect prior to beginning your artistic practice,  what led you to ceramics?

Life does not know how to wait, and I can definitely say that it’s never too late to start. I worked as an architect for a longtime before I tried my hand at sculpture for the first time. My architectural education and practice were fulfilling, but I lacked so much freedom in self-expression and creativity. Only a year ago I started to accept myself and my body, and was able to truly see myself as I am. I finally felt my strength and essence deeply. My connection with nature grew stronger than ever, as well as the love I have for myself. I needed to somehow express my new vision of myself and the world in a physical way. SoI bought clay and started creating without any knowledge or skills - just playing with the material. So, yes, I do say that I am self-taught.


Is there anything you personally collect?

I don’t have a personal collection yet, but I definitely will! I kept one of my sculptures as a reminder of the most important moment in my life.



Who are your design heroes? 

I love to look at the work of contemporary artists, sculptors, and ceramists. I especially like to watch how their work develops. I love Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings, Tanis Saxby’s sculptures, Yoon Young Hur’s ceramics, Hideaki’s hard to list them all.



Tanis Saxby

Hideaki Miyamura


Yoona Hur


Your work is so organic and serene, where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration can be found everywhere: in the innocence of a blossoming flower, in the power of the ocean, in the conciseness of the lines of the female body, but you can find the most sacred inspiration by looking into yourself. My work is the dance of my soul; a reflection of my essence, my sensuality, my acceptance of myself and my true feminine nature, and my depth and newfound freedom. It is born through pain, through tears, through love and ecstasy. It’s me. My sculptures are very emotional and I see that people feel the energy and emotions that I put into them. I find this very inspiring. I like to leave my sculptures unglazed because I love their tactility.I am very demanding of the lines and the surface quality, so I spend hours, sometimes days, guiding them to my ideal.







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