Our kitchen is the hub of our home. With our house's open floor plan and the kitchen's central location, it's become our default gathering area and where we spend most of our time. Design is far from a foolproof process, so our recent renovation was the perfect opportunity to learn from previous blindspots within the space and make some necessary updates now that we have two young children. 



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Paper Fan Napkin Ring Set

Janie Kruse Garnett

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Like any room in our home, I wanted to create a space that blended function and aesthetics while still feeling distinctly ours - meaning a blend of materials and textures, artisanal everything, and a ton of open shelving for allllll the objets and dishware. (Pro tip: place your dishes and flatware near the dining area and glasses near the sink for easy access.) We chose honed Copacabana marble for the surfaces and backsplash, and I'm in love with the rich tone and detail of the veining. We wanted a more organic feel, so I was adamant the marble had a matte finish instead of glossy (that's where the honed part comes in), and we chose a complementary patina for the range hood that really helps with wear and gives the space some extra texture.


I love how the space turned out, and you know I love changing up the room's styling even more. The open shelving lets me shuffle my latest favorite pieces in and out of the room, and I couldn't possibly miss an opportunity for a (cook)book moment. I love to add smaller paintings to my shelves, I prop them against the wall or use cute easels to host them. I think it's an unexpected touch and adds depth to my shelf space. The best part about styling the kitchen is incorporating fresh and vibrant fruits and vegetables - just make sure they go to use! Above all, our kitchen is a place for our family to come together, so my number one styling tip is to fill the space with the ones you love.


Golden Tumbler Set

Dan Mirer

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Dark Coastal Dinner Plate


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810 Tray in Emerald

Anastasio Home

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Lauren Skunta

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Photography by Natalie Black