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a vintage dining table & sentimental photograph 

In the tapestry of our lives, there often exists a cherished piece in our homes that transcends its material form. This sentimental object holds the power to evoke emotions, trigger memories, and offer comfort like no other. It symbolizes our experiences woven with the physical world, forging a profound connection that shapes our essence.

Q: Can you describe a sentimental object in your home with a special place in your heart? What memories or emotions does it evoke when you look at or interact with it? How has this object influenced your sense of identity and belonging?

A: Our vintage dining table is sentimental because it's the first piece of furniture we invested in as a couple. We had originally intended for it to be our desk, we had just created our own company, and so this reminds me of the excitement and positivity we felt at that time.

Emotionally, this dining table brings forth a sense of accomplishment and pride. I remember the excitement of choosing it, and the satisfaction of bringing it to our new home in New York and seeing it in person for the first time. 

It has since become our dining table and now it symbolizes togetherness and hospitality when sharing meals with friends and family as we love to host. This table reflects my style and has become a hub for gatherings. Sitting around it with friends and family, sharing meals and creating cherished memories, amplifies the emotional connection I have with this piece. 

In essence, our vintage dining table is sentimental to me not just because of its beauty but because it signifies my journey towards creating a warm, welcoming space that reflects our home. 

Q: Sentimental objects often bridge the gap between the past and the present. Could you share a story about how a particular object became so meaningful to you? Has its significance evolved, and if so, how has it adapted to the changing chapters of your life?

A: My uncle who is a photographer, gave me a photograph he shot in New York, right before I moved here and had it mounted and framed beautifully. It's a connection to him but also the city we moved to. Through his lens, he shared his love for the art form and the city he captured. When I look at it, I remember that exciting time in my life and the support he gave me. 

In a way, it's like a piece of home that I carry with me in the city that has become my new home. It's a beautiful reminder that even in the bustling streets of New York, there's always a piece of family and the love that ties us together.

Q: The sentimental value of an object is often intertwined with the people who are part of its narrative. Could you recount an instance where a sentimental object became a source of connection or shared history among family members or friends? How does the presence of this object enhance the sense of kinship and emotional bonds within your home?

A: Our dining table has become a place where our family and friends connect. It's where we gather, eat, and simply enjoy each other's company. When we sit down at the table, it's a chance to catch up, chat, and share stories. It's where we create memories over good food and good conversation. It's become a natural source of connection among our friends and family. 

Additionally, the dining table takes on a professional role when I meet with clients or suppliers at home, or if I simply need a change of scenery from sitting in the office, so it transitions into a functional work area when needed. It’s a comfortable setting for meetings and presentations and it’s adaptability allows me to create a professional setting in a relaxed environment.

The table's versatility is a reflection of our ability to balance the demands of work and social life in a single space. It allows us to be adaptable and resourceful in making the most of our living environment. Whether it's a gathering of family and friends, a workspace, or a professional meeting place, our dining table seamlessly accommodates the various facets of our lives, making it an essential and cherished feature in our home.



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