H I L A R Y  M A T T

T H E  O B J E C T:

an art piece that encompasses the shards of broken glass from my wedding

Q: Can you describe a sentimental object in your home with a special place in your heart? What memories or emotions does it evoke when you look at or interact with it? How has this object influenced your sense of identity and belonging?

A:  This art piece that encompasses the shards of broken glass from my wedding holds a special place in my heart. It is Jewish tradition for the groom to step on a glass during the wedding ceremony. There are many interpretations of this tradition but one that resonates with me is to show that life is fragile and it should remind us to live everyday to its fullest. Breaking the glass marks a turning point in a relationship as you pledge your love and make a commitment to one another. 


Q: Sentimental objects often bridge the gap between the past and the present. Could you share a story about how a particular object became so meaningful to you? Has its significance evolved, and if so, how has it adapted to the changing chapters of your life?

A: Every time I see this piece in my home it makes me feel a sense of love and happiness. Over time is has morphed from a symbol of my relationship with my husband to a symbol of my family and the start of it. 

Q: The sentimental value of an object is often intertwined with the people who are part of its narrative. Could you recount an instance where a sentimental object became a source of connection or shared history among family members or friends? How does the presence of this object enhance the sense of kinship and emotional bonds within your home?

A: I loved the idea of taking these special pieces of broken glass and making them into an art piece that could be enjoyed for years and years. I imagine my children having this piece in their home one day as a symbol of our love and family.


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