Abid Javed's Process

Abid Javed compels his audience to expand their definition of ‚Äúnatural beauty‚ÄĚ beyond the world observable with the naked eye. While earning his Ph.D. in molecular biology, Javed felt compelled to translate the shapes he saw under the microscope into tangible form. So Javed enrolled in a ceramics class in London. He found the traditional pinch and coil method of shaping clay the ideal physical and interactive process for creating his ‚Äúmolecular objects,‚ÄĚ sculptures, and vessels inspired by microscopic biological forms.¬†


 Through his vessels, Javed is an ambassador in the world of art for the world of science. Where artists may be inclined to find science unapproachable, Javed stands in the gap to make clear the wonder and beauty that can be found at every level of nature, inviting all viewers to engage with the molecular universe.



Javed’s own story is also present in his creations. The lines of his sculptures, which he refines by scraping, reference Arabic characters and the writing system of his childhood home in Pakistan. He traces his inclination to create back to his mother, who made art for their home. While the molecules in his lab may be objective units, those in his studio move with all the life of a personal story and subjective expression.

Photography: Toby Ziff & Eve Singer
Words: Halley Anne Hargrave