Layers of Life IV

Layers of Life IV

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Layers of Life IV by Margo Van Erkelens features a face full of sliding geometric shapes. Van Erkelens uses many mediums and techniques to create the texture of her works; she glues, smooths, heats, tears, breaks down, and builds up again, often without a predetermined plan. Margo works intuitively - the ultimate letting go - a pure experience of color and form. Only in the final, lighter layers does the canvas get a definitive representation. 


Measurements:¬†51‚ÄĚ H x 59‚ÄĚ L

Material: Marble dust paste on cotton duck canvas 

**Due to the specialty/oversized nature of the item, a special handling surcharge will be separately assessed based on destination and desired shipping arrangement. One of our client specialists will email you to coordinate.


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