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Flume is a mineral and acrylic based painting on canvas by Lauren Skunta. 

While on a LES Creative Retreat at the lake house, artist Lauren Skunta discovered shale during a hike with our Founder and fellow artist Doris Josovitz. Skunta transformed pieces of shale into a paste, using it to craft two paintings in this series – "Flume" and "Lamb". The artwork beautifully blends the serendipity of nature's treasures with Skunta's artistic vision, creating a story as enchanting as the pieces themselves.

Step into the Wall Art Series, where two artists, Lauren Skunta and Margo van Erkelens, skillfully grace their canvas with creations that revolt against perfection. Their art delicately weaves together the essence of form, the poetry of movement, and the irresistible allure of beauty found within imperfection. Explore the evocative works as they redefine artistic expression in this captivating series of paintings.


Material: Mineral and acrylic on canvas

Measurements: 30’’ H x 40’' L x 5/8’’ W


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