At this point, it's probably unfair to call the home office a trend seeing as it's become a permanent fixture for so many. We're not complaining - any opportunity to curate a space, especially one as influential as the area we choose to work, has us gleefully prepping a new mood board. Our workspace style is constantly in flux - at times we work best at an empty desk, with maybe an endearing figural sculpture to keep us company while we zero in on our work. Other times, chaos leads to creation and surrounding ourselves with inspiration - even when that translates to piles of papers - is imperative. Get inspired with some of the images from our mood board below, and shop The Home Office Edit to get ideas for your own work space. 


Karl Lagerfeld's Paris apartment

Athena Calderone's office

Palazzo Cenci, Gabriella Crespis Yang Tin Desk 1979

Image via @studiomellone

Image via @pierre_jeanneret_studio

Image via @aninebing

Image via @nickwakeman

Image via @macnacci

Image via @sebastianzuchowicki

Rem Koolhaas, Maison Lemoine, 1994-1998

Image via

 Design by Danilo Scarpati

Image via @apparatusstudio

Louise Bourgeois in her studio

┬á´╗┐Photography by Fran├žois Halard

´╗┐Home of Amanda Brooks

´╗┐Image via @bradleyseymour

´╗┐Image via @christianelemieux

´╗┐Sofia Coppola's Office, 2000

´╗┐Albert Giacometti's Grande Femme D├ębout sculptures and an Andr├ę Boulle desk in Baron Leon Lambert's office at Banque Lambert in Brussels




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Stacked Paper Catchall

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The Blush Stack

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Coral Teapot I

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