What better time than Allhallows Eve to tell you about the inspiration behind our fall campaign: Mood. The concept of our autumn launch was a fusion of olfactory delight and artistic inspiration. Just as our Mood Candle enchanted us last year, this new creation is perfect for both the crisp fall days and the chilly winter nights. With captivating notes of orange peel, ginger, cinnamon, Cyprus, fir, and pine, it exudes a warmth and coziness quintessential to the season.



In our quest to bring our celestial vision to life, we knew there was no better collaborator than our longtime creative partner, Kelley Shaffer.  Kelley possesses a unique talent for bridging the realms of fine art and commercial photography, ensuring that the creative surroundings of our candle are imbued with an artistic spirit. Through Kelley's extraordinary photography skills, she has skillfully captured the ethereal essence of MOOD. Her work showcases the products' beauty and invokes a sense of wonder and cosmic exploration.

We were thrilled to commission the talented artist Nathalee Paolinelli to craft an exclusive vessel for our celestial scent. With her extraordinary skill and creative vision, Paolinelli brought our olfactory experience to life in a way that's truly out of this world. The vessel's silver metallic glaze not only embodies the essence of the cosmos but also gives it an ethereal and otherworldly appearance, making it a perfect complement to our celestial-inspired fragrance.

The celestial scent was meticulously hand-mixed and hand-poured by Kerry Thompson of Minot, ensuring a level of craftsmanship that echoes the high standards we've always upheld in our candle collaborations.



As we embark on this journey through warm, cozy scents and nostalgic memories, we invite you to experience this unique launch's heartwarming and delightful embrace, making it an unforgettable companion for the coming fall and winter days and nights.




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