Wedding season is in full swing, and this year is sure to be packed. Countless cancelations due to the pandemic have led to a build-up of weddings on my calendar, and I must admit, I am pretty excited. You all know I love a good event design, and I love to see how my friends and family express their style in the venue, flowers, decor, etc. As the wedding season begins, I always reflect on our wedding (now almost eight years ago!) and love to think about what I would do differently at this point in my life (don't worry, husband, I am not planning another wedding).

Our wedding was an eclectic affair set on a farm in upstate NY. Some things like the art-filled tent, the full-grown trees surrounding our dinner tables, and the thousands of candles hung from the ceiling I would keep today. I could do without other things like the goats (yes, we had goats, purely for photo moments), the flower crowns, and the little animals holding our guest's name tags. Styles change; mine certainly has.  




I absolutely loved our wedding, and it was perfect for us at the time. If we were to do it now, at this point in our lives, it would probably be a simpler affair, a smaller and more intimate party set in some seaside castle somewhere in Europe. A weekend (or full week) of enjoyment with our closest friends and family filled with fantastic food, great wine, and that old romantic feeling you can only find in small European towns.

As a fun experiment, I rounded up some inspo images for the wedding I would design now to compare against our wedding photos!




Another favorite part of the wedding season is carefully curating gifts for newly married couples. For my closest friends, the ones I know best, I love to choose something unique and sentimental. Art is the perfect gift, as getting married often coincides with starting a collection. Scroll to see our edit of the perfect wedding gifts. You can also reach out to to discuss something custom and completely unique.


 Lauren's wedding photography by Lacie Hansen

Lauren's wedding planning by Simply Beautiful Events

Inspo images sourced from Pinterest