Josephine Glass Set

Josephine Glass Set

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The Josephine Glass Set is an addition to our Vintage Tabletop Collection. A beautiful unique design adds elegance to your glass collection. The silver striped design gives the set a festive feel.

Launching our Vintage Tabletop Collection there is an undeniable sense of excitement and alignment we feel. LES Collection strives to create community; offering our expertise on how to create a space for entertaining is a natural progression for our brand.

We have curated a selection of artisanal pieces that are handpicked for their quality, craftsmanship, and unique beauty. 

You'll find a blend of new and old, classic and modern, coming together seamlessly to create visually stunning table settings. 


Material: Glass, striped silver design, slight chipping on silver.

Set of two.

5"H X 3.5" D

Suggested pairing Josephine Glass Pitcher

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