Ana Flatware Set

Ana Flatware Set

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The Ana Flatware Set has a rivet handle adding a unique French detail to your tabletop. The quality of vintage flatware is next to none when compared to most modern day pieces, this is evident in this flatware set.

LES Collection strives to create community; offering our expertise on how to create a space for entertaining is a natural progression for our brand. We have curated a selection of artisanal pieces that are handpicked for their quality, craftsmanship, and unique beauty. You'll find a blend of new and old, classic and modern, coming together seamlessly to create visually stunning table settings. 


Set of one knife, one spoon, and two forks.


Knife: 8.5" H
Forks: 7" H & 8" H
Spoon: 6" H

Material: Made in France. High quality stainless steel paired with a white handle. Slight wear.

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