Valentine's day doesn't have to be only for our significant others. It is a great day to show love and appreciation to anyone in our lives. Valentine's day is different for everyone, maybe it is a day for extra romance with your significant other, but perhaps you would prefer to celebrate with your girlfriends. My husband and I don't celebrate valentine‚Äôs day in the traditional sense, but I love it as a time to do something fun and different with my kids. Maybe you just want an excuse to wear pink and red. Whatever valentine‚Äôs day is to you, here is a gift guide for anyone that you want to shower with extra love and appreciation (and gifts ‚Äď at every price point!).

Something sparkly

Something silky

Something soft and cozy

Something quirky

Something romantic

Something useful


For the tea lover

For the tea lover

Something glam for your morning ritual

For the hostess who has it all

For the beauty lover

For the fashionista

Something cozy for him

Something sentimental for him

For the cocktail lover

For your mini’s bath time

For your mini’s crafts

For your mini’s playtime