Youth. C-print mounted on dibond, perspex face in tray frame. L 44 1/2" x W 40 1/2".


Isabelle Van Zeijl would have you question both historical and 21st-century concepts of beauty. She has experienced prejudice against women, misogyny, belittling, violence, and sexual objectification. Isabelle hones in on the discrimination she has encountered and presents a new way of seeing female beauty. These self-portraits remind us of historic female archetypes and bring to mind a mysterious beauty that we would typically associate with the classical age of portraiture. Van Zeijl explores and manipulates the visual vocabulary of the past, merging with modern photographic technology to create work that transcends the boundaries of epoch and media. 


Silence, Silverprint mounted on dibond, perspex face in tray frame, L 49 1/2" x W 40 1/2"

Supermodel III, C-print mounted on dibond perspex face in tray frame, L 44 1/2" x W 34 1/2"


In every work, Van Zeijl serves as a model, set-designer, make-up artist, and photographer, taking complete control over every aspect of the work. Many of the pieces feature Isabelle gazing at the camera with a fierce stare that combines the strength and vulnerability she feels as a woman. 

I ask myself what type of human do I need to forge myself into. How can I use my burden to bring light and make a change in the world. I decided to turn my eye to all that is beautiful around me.

Domaine I, 2014. C-print mounted on dibond. Framed, 44.5” x 27”. Edition of 6, 3 Artist’s proofs.