Gianfranco Brice√Īo is a Peruvian ceramicist, sculptor, painter, and photographer based in S√£o Paulo, Brazil.¬†Gianfranco uses the theme of masculinity in his photography, ceramics, painting, and publications. He Is not afraid to explore gender and sexuality In his work.

"I've always photographed in a free and naturalistic way - free from reasoning, free from clothes, free from any prejudice about the naked body."

- Gianfranco Brice√Īo

Brice√Īo was recently asked about his departure from photography:

"I was thinking about it a lot. Maybe today, I feel more like a photographer than ever. This last isolating year and a half has led me to be a painter, ceramist, sculptor, and many other trades where I can express my art. It has been liberating to create projects that are born through scribbling on paper and clay modeling burnt at very high temperatures. The unique pieces are photographed within a story I imagined in my head; it's as if an entire idea was part of a circle that passed through various mediums until arriving, you see, in photography."

Part of his first collection of ceramics will be sold exclusively by LES Collection. The "Greek Nights" series is inspired by Greek mythology characters and includes a one-of-a-kind vase, candlestick, and sconce.

"I have always been fascinated with the stories of Olympus, and in my research, I found a great parallel between Ancient Greek culture and Pre-Inca culture, from which I descended. Both the Greek and the Andean cultures made amphorae and vessels to transport water and food centuries ago. However, neither of these cultures had contact or influence on each other. This creation of synesthetic art inspires me."

- Gianfranco Brice√Īo